Lightspeed is Proud to Present: Paperless Timecards


LightSPEED now offers a paperless crew timecard system for productions of any size.  This new timecard system is included with every LightSPEED production.

What's new?

You'll notice a new Timecard tab in our menu bar.  Once you've configured your production for timecards, this tab will display the Timecard, Approver Dashboard, and Approver Hierarchy screens.

How does it work?

Crew members can enter their time daily or weekly on their mobile phone or device.  After the timecard is electronically signed and submitted, approvers may review the submitted timecards and route them up the approval chain to payroll.  Payroll can review time, compare it to online production reports, and prepare a pay breakdown for final approval.

How do I start using it?

Timecards are intuitive and simple to use.  Just follow these quick and easy steps to get your production's timecards ready:

  • Grant payroll view & edit permissions to the Timecard Approvers.
  • Fill out Start Forms for your crew.
  • Decide who will review and approve timecards for each department, and for the production as a whole.

That's it!  Timecards are then automatically created for each crew member.

And best of all, our timecard system comes with free 24x7 phone support!  We'll be happy to answer your questions and provide our new Timecard Quick Start Guide to you and your crew.